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Special Dish : S GAUR

Wow!! This is my first post. I am S Gaur , a young lady from India , who enjoys cooking. When I was young , I used to see my mom cooking food, and that aroma of spices and flavors always inspired me to believe that cooking is an art , It is a stress-buster..:-)  Whenever I am sad or happy , I express my emotions through the food and it works always for me.

Cooking is both an art and a science. The technical parts of cooking involve chemistry, mathematics and physics. The art of cooking involves pleasing the eye and the palate. We first “taste” the food we we eat by observing how it looks. Have you ever had a fast food burger that looked anything like it does in advertising? Part of your decision to buy it has to do with what it looked like in the ad. When I write a menu, I am very descriptive to explain what the food will look and taste like. How food is “plated” (arraigned on the plate) is very important. It must be composed as art is without sloppiness. I can teach anyone (just about) to be a good cook. Teaching someone to be a chef involves finding someone with an inborn sense of taste and design.

I am a young girl , pursuing higher education, and living my passion of cooking.I keep on experimenting with food , some experiments are great , some are good and some are not so good. ;-). But, with time I have learned that every dish is special and is meant for someone special.Only thing that we have to understand is how to identify which dish is for whom.. 🙂

If you also believe in this “Special Dish” feeling , do write to me and then I can share some very easy to make recipes to have your perfect day planned in the manner you wish for .. :-)..

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